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La dee da

I know where Ansem got his name ^.^:

Besides the similar names, the two look *so* much alike! That skin and hair... Being my dorky self, I googled for more information on Anselm.


- "the boy was beloved by all and made rapid progress in learning."

- "At the same time [Anselm]... had won the affection of those who resisted his authority, was already gaining the hearts of Englishmen. His fame had spread far and wide, and many of the great men of the age prized his friendship and sought his counsel."

- Anselm wrote a lot of stuff about theology; his most famous work is an argument for the existence of God. Click here if you're interested.


- Anselm's biography states that because of his introverted nature, "Anselm could have little liking for [the office of archbishop] even in a period of peace..."

- The real Anselm never lost faith like KH Ansem.

- Both left behind a lot of writing on the topics that they were interested in. Even though you could see connections between study of the heart and study of God, I don't see any real parallels in their work.

(Quotes under the cut are all taken from )

I used to not really care about him, but this discovery has sparked my interest in him. Hmm..
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